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  • Registered Community Psychiatric Nurse
  • Advanced Practitioner in Older Adult Care
  • Authentic Memorabilia and Ephemera
  • Music for Memories
  • 1940s - 1970s
  • Groups or Individuals
  • Bespoke Activities Available
Reminiscence Therapy

Living Military History are uniquely placed to offer Reminiscence Therapy to individuals and organisations in both in and out-patient settings. Whilst our living history specialism is military, our reminiscence therapy is a broad offering ranging from wartime memories through to the 1970s and is tailored to our client’s needs.

After completing a nursing degree at the University of Central England, Graham Bandy  attended The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and was commissioned into Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) where he served in the role of Welfare Officer during the Second Gulf War. He is currently a member of the Surrey Veterans Outreach Forum.

Graham also has many years of experience as a Community Psychiatric Nurse and Advanced Practitioner in older adult care.

This unique combination of welfare and psychiatric skills, an extensive collection of fascinating items and an enthusiasm for sharing his expertise creates the balance of care and knowledge which enables him to provide effective and meaningful Reminsicence Therapy in a one-to-one or group basis.

Graham Bandy sits on the Surrey Civilian Military Partnership Forum and is experienced in handling bids from local projects wishing to access Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme Funds

Please contact us for more details about one to one or group therapy sessions.

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Living Military History are currently working with Age UK (formerly Age Concern and Help The Aged) planning Reminiscence Therapy for veterans in Oxfordshire. We are putting together a unique project which will utilise many of our specialist skills. It will fill a gap in current service provision and create a much needed resource for ex-service men and women.

Age UK

Group activities such as listening to period music and handling authentic uniforms or military items from our collections, will help participants by triggering memories and encouraging interaction. The scheme will also help to combat the loneliness many elderly people and particularly veterans can feel.

We are aiming for an initial pilot project of 6 consecutive weeks with a bid to the local Civilian Military Partnership Forum for funding in order to roll it out county wide. This is an exciting project which has the potential to provide a valuable service not currently available elsewhere

Find out more about this project here.


What is Reminiscence Therapy?

We are a means to enable groups of elderly people in Residential, Nursing, Sheltered or Day Care homes to interact with us and with each other through the stimulation of encouraging them to remember and talk about their own past lives.

Where do we work?

We meet together for a one- or two-hour session in the Home's own lounge or other conveniently available room - the elderly are not taken out of the place familiar to them.

How does it work?

We have a vast array of props which the elderly people may have used themselves or will at least recognise, to stimulate memories and promote the active recalling of events and shared memories. Participation is voluntary and very informal, giving a relaxed and warm atmosphere in which to enjoy taking a "stroll down memory lane" and chatting about "the old times".

What are these props?

Our ever-increasing store of items date from the early twentieth century, ranging from childhood memorabilia such as old comics, through to artefacts that would have been used in the workplace (cobblers last, milk churn), home (washboard, cast iron kettle), and in leisure pursuits, such as needlework and embroidery.

How often do we visit?

Visits can be as frequent as once a fortnight or as little as once a year as a special "one-off" event, depending on the activities already taking place in the Home. We explore a different theme on each occasion, perhaps relating to the season of the year and events, for example Easter Bonnets, or to concentrate more on sensory work with our "Touchy Feely" memory bags.

Reminiscence World also holds training sessions for staff in the Homes to help them understand and appreciate the importance and benefits of this type of communication therapy.

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