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  • Medical Military Specialist
  • Great War
  • Second World War
  • Cold War
  • RAMC
  • Airbourne RAMC
  • Home Guard
  • Northamptonshire Regiment
  • RAF Medical Services
  • Royal Naval Medical Services
  • Home Front
  • Victorian Military and Civilian
  • Inter-War Years Military and Civilian
  • Spanish Civil War
  • Middle East & Far East 1900-1950

Living Military History provide authentic historical portrayals for heritage and community events. We specialise in British medical military interpretations including First and Second World War Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), Airborne RAMC, Royal Naval Medical Services and RAF Medical Services from 1900 to the present day. We also portray Home Guard, Home Front and Victorian Era civilian and military.

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WW1 Medical Display WW1 Medical Display

Highlights in recent years include the Lord Mayor’s Show as part of the RAF Regiment Historical Flight, The Great War Society 200 mile march in full authentic First World War kit from Whitehall to Wipers (Ypres), a medical display at the Passchendaele Museum in Belgium and by special invitation of the Maltese Government - the 2010 Military Mtarfa event in Malta.

WW1 Mesopotamia ww2 Home Guard AIrborne RAMC
Victorian Era

Please contact us to make a booking or to see how we can help with your next event.

WW2 Medical Officer Interpretation

WW2 Home Guard & Medical Display


WW2 Maltese Defence Forces

Military Living History Reconstruction Pitsford Home Guard

WW2 Northamptonshire Home Guard

WW1 Filming for Downton Abbey

Spanish Civil War Medic - La Columna

Spanish Civil War Republican Medic

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